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World Cup USA ‘94

The largest hotel operation in the history of sporting events – 3.2 million room nights in 600 hotels

Ryder Cup ’97

The 2nd largest floating hotel operation, including the QE2!


An unrivalled and admired accommodation industry tool


Byrom plc has been involved in providing accommodation for global sporting events since our conception in 1991. Key personnel from the Byrom team bring experiences from major sporting events including the 1986 and 1990 FWC’s that pre date the companies conception in 1991. Our accommodation solution for the 1997 Ryder Cup Matches in Valderrama, Spain included the QE2 in what became the 2nd largest floating hotel operation at a sports event.

Byrom has provided accommodation services to FIFA in an official capacity since the 1998 FIFA World Cup™ after having been involved in USA ’94 on behalf of the Local Organising Committee. More recently Byrom provided a turnkey accommodation solution to FIFA for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ through our wholly owned subsidiary MATCH Services AG. Byrom continues to operate in its role as FIFA Accommodation Office for all of the Congress, Women’s Tournaments and Youth Tournaments on the FIFA calendar through until 2018

In December 2012, Byrom plc, following a tender process, was successfully appointed by FIFA to provide the accommodation solution for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™. Fulfilling two separate service modules for the event, Byrom plc is trading as FIFA Accommodation Office and has set up the wholly owned Russian subsidiary LLC MATCH Accommodation 2018.

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Byrom has a unique track record in turning what historically has been a line item of cost to an event organiser, into a revenue contributor on every event we have worked on.

With significant amounts of money invested into not only hosting and staging major sporting events but also spent by those wishing to be commercially associated with an event, the provision of a coordinated accommodation service to hosts, competitors, sponsors, officials, media and the general public is vital to ensure the profile of the event is not tarnished.

Byrom has performed best when it is involved at the very start of the process, when the venue is actually bidding. By understanding the accommodation needs of the event and the booking characteristics and profile of its customers, Byrom can talk the language of the hotel industry and create the necessary partnership approach that is required to match the expectations of both customer and supplier.

Acting as the principal in the contract process Byrom has a vested interest in ensuring a pro-active, sales led approach as well as a realistic approach to the hotels needs for information on occupancy. Our unique reservation system* ‘Check-In™’ allows Byrom to operate huge numbers of rooms in multiple hotels† and ensure performance both from the hotels and also the clients in terms of payment.  Equally it is an accommodation system that can perform at the highest level for smaller events of any size or event duration and can specifically cater for the exacting demands of VVIPs, taking care of the finer details that ensure clients and guests enjoy a premier experience.

*Check-In™ is Byrom’s Accommodation Management System.  Designed and programmed in-house, Check-In was first introduced at the 1994 FIFA World Cup USA™.  As our event experience has grown, Check-In™ has evolved to cater for the exacting standards required by the biggest Sporting Event Rights Holders in the world.  It is used for all of our events where we provide an accommodation service whether they are big or small.

It handles all aspects of an accommodation solution from contract management (procurement, contract entry, additional rooms, room releases, hotel payment, dispute handling), to Sales and Room allocation (rooming list and voucher manifests, inventory protection, quota management, group prioritisation, VIP) and finally event reconciliation.    

† Byrom plc was responsible for the largest hotel operation in the history of sporting events using Check-In™ to manage 3.2 million room nights across 600 hotels for the 1994 FIFA World Cup USA™.

Check-In™ is undoubtedly an unrivalled and revered accommodation industry tool and one which Byrom is unashamedly proud of.

Accommodation Events:

The list of events that Byrom has provided accommodation services for is vast.  Please refer to the events section of the site to see the full list.

Byrom is proud of the fact that we have contributed significantly to the development of the FIFA Accommodation programme over the years and played a major role in growing the business from its modest beginnings to the profitable, multi-million business that it is today. Byrom introduced many of the innovative concepts that are still in use today, including:

  • The drafting of the original standard FIFA World Cup Hotel Agreement for the 1994 FWC and the 2002FWC Bid which forms the basis of the agreement that was used to secure the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ hotel inventory.
  • The concept of securing accommodation as part of the Host Country bidding process.
  • The use of anonymous / bearer certificate vouchers (the “Check-In™ vouchers”) to provide a solution to the problem of offering customers a standardised room night fulfilment process across a wide range of contracted hotels that do not operate on a unified reservation platform.
  • The adoption, through the Check-In™ voucher, of the concept of hotel payment being made only upon the provision of the corresponding service, not in advance, thus protecting the clients’ payments.
  • The concept of the liquidated damages clause in the Hotel Agreement (the “Check-In™ Guarantee”), the result of which is that Byrom’s clients receive their rooms on a priority basis in situations where the hotel is overbooked.